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What vitamins can I take to boost my immune system?

I feel like I always catch everything that is going around. What vitamins should I be taking to boost my immune system? I’m also allergic to gluten so could that have something to do with my weak immune system? I know it affects the absorption of vitamins and minerals but I really don’t know what to do anymore.

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Has anyone used acai berry supplements and had good results? Was it weight loss or immune system improvement?

I’ve just started reading up on it, and I’m hearing lots of good and some bad. What I want to know is, does it work? I’ve already figured out not to order it online because of all the scams. Is there any in stores that would be reputable? Or would I need to order from Amazon or something like it?

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Best ways, foods, supplements to build my immune system?

Hi ! I try to eat well with a balanced diet and I take supplements like vitamins, minerals, probiotics,  about 12 different supplements a day. For instance, I take Vitamin C, 500 mg x 3 a day, B-complex, kelp, Magnesium, Zinc, etc….

My friend has suggested that I add beta Glucan to help build/keep immunity?

I looked at this in a health store and it’s kinda expensive.

Is this a good choice? Is there something better? I thought vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was the best?



Anyone have suggestions on how to boost my immune system using natural and/or herbal, dietary supplements?

I was negligent with my diet in younger years, ingesting large amounts of sugar daily, I also had repeated bouts of bronchitis and I didn’t have the funds to visit a doctor for treatment.
Consequently, I now have “fibromyalgia”, very low energy level, salt cravings, and am very easily stressed by things such as crowds, loud noises, bright lights, people who talk too much, etc. I know that my adrenal glands are “depleted”.