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Why is my immune system so weak?

I get sick very oftenly. I got a fever 2 weeks ago and I got one day and I pretty much get sick about every month or every other month. I do however owe 6 vaccinations. I am trying to get them all done but could this be the reason why I get sick so oftenly? Could it be HIV? I was raped when I was smaller and I had sex with my partner several times but I did hear that it is a silent STD.

Will taking vitamins strengthen my immune system?


How exactly do cold showers strengthen the immune system?

I’ve only been told that they do, but never how! How does a cold shower strengthen mucous membranes exactly? Or strengthen your immune system?

Does it really keep you from getting colds or the flu, or if you do still get a cold is it just not as bad as if you took just hot showers?

When I say cold shower I mean just a cold blast of water (like a minute or more) at the end of a warm shower… I think taking all cold showers all the time would just be torture…