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How exactly do cold showers strengthen the immune system?

I’ve only been told that they do, but never how! How does a cold shower strengthen mucous membranes exactly? Or strengthen your immune system?

Does it really keep you from getting colds or the flu, or if you do still get a cold is it just not as bad as if you took just hot showers?

When I say cold shower I mean just a cold blast of water (like a minute or more) at the end of a warm shower… I think taking all cold showers all the time would just be torture…


Cold apartment, natural to grow immune to cold?

Cold apartment, is it natural to grow immune to the cold? My boyfriend’s apartment is very old, and drafty, and well cold, the heater barely works so no point in wasting money on it, its not unbearable, I have even grown to not care about cold, tank top and all. I had friends over and they had goosebumps, and I love the heat, is it possible for someone to condition themselves against the cold?