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Best ways, foods, supplements to build my immune system?

Hi ! I try to eat well with a balanced diet and I take supplements like vitamins, minerals, probiotics,  about 12 different supplements a day. For instance, I take Vitamin C, 500 mg x 3 a day, B-complex, kelp, Magnesium, Zinc, etc….

My friend has suggested that I add beta Glucan to help build/keep immunity?

I looked at this in a health store and it’s kinda expensive.

Is this a good choice? Is there something better? I thought vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was the best?



What natural foods boost the immune system?

I am currently sick with what seems like a sinus infection, I’ve had fever, clogged nose, scratchy and horrible throat, and general body weakness for the past three or four days, and my doctor’s appointment (when I’ll get antibiotics) isn’t until tomorrow. I need to know some things I can eat/do that will boost my immune system so this doesn’t get too bad.

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