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Baby formula…enfamil vs Similac?

I am the mother of a very happy, very healthy 2 month old son. I exclusively breastfeed at the moment, but once he reaches 3 or 4 months I plan on supplementing with a bottle of formula when I am not around to breastfeed. Currently I just pump extra to bring along if I leave him at his grandmother’s or a friend’s, but pumping and store the milk, then cleaning all the equipment can get very tedious.

I have heard good things and bad things about both Similac and Enfamil. The hospital where I gave birth suggests Similac, but the pedetrician’s office suggest Enfamil. I’m not sure which one to use, as Enfamil is better as far as DHA and ARA are concerned, but Similac is better as far as promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

What is the best formula to use…or can I use both if I mix them, say, 50/50…or would mixing them make him sick?

I just want the best for my baby. I take prenatal vitamins, calcium supplements and a DHA supplement while I’m brestfeeding and I give him his Poly-Vi-Sol drops everyday. I want him to have everything he needs to grow big, strong, smart, and healthy.


so i bought the new similac advance formula with easy grip but!?

i didnt notice this formula says it has early shield for immune support! he usually drinks the similac advance i thought it was the same one just in a different can but its not can i still give to him? because would be considered as changing formula or no? i cant mix it because he doesnt have any more of the other formula the only diference is that early shield so shouls i just give it to him with no change? any ideas?