Why is my immune system so weak?

I get sick very oftenly. I got a fever 2 weeks ago and I got one day and I pretty much get sick about every month or every other month. I do however owe 6 vaccinations. I am trying to get them all done but could this be the reason why I get sick so oftenly? Could it be HIV? I was raped when I was smaller and I had sex with my partner several times but I did hear that it is a silent STD.

Will taking vitamins strengthen my immune system?


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  1. I was thinking aids before you said it. Get tested immediately, and if ur positive, let your partners know, so they don’t spread it.

  2. Well a lot of people are getting weak immune systems. People these days live off of processed foods and spend most of the time behind a PC or in front of the TV.

    An acidic body is the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. If you wanted to follow an alkaline diet you’d eat more vegetables, especially raw (e.g. salads) or lightly cooked. Learn to shop at a local farmer’s market instead of the chain supermarkets. Just avoid chain grocery or fast-food or restaurant foods. You want a vegetable-based diet and small amounts of fruits and dried beans and whole grains, minimal nuts and seeds. AVOID SUGAR, as well as meats, otherwise your body’s digestive enzymes will be busy digesting meat not the protein layer of viruses, etc. Same with sugar, candida/fungus in the body thrive on sugar and the aspartame crap is even worse sending the body into metabolic acidosis. Just adopt a vegetable-based diet.

    Other than acidic body, you want to take some measures to chelate heavy metals and clear any fungus. Natural everyday chelators would be having a couple of apples a day (e.g. the malic acid in the apples), have up to two cups of unsweetned pure green tea several days a week. Add some fresh cilantro sprigs to your salad or soup. These are mild chelators you can do long term.

    As for th candida/fungus, take a pinch of 20 Mule Borax in a cup of water every few days.

    Also water can be the source of toxins (e.g. old pipes to the crap used to clean it and the remaining crap left behind). Try to drink reverse osmosis water. Add a small pinch of sea salt to bring it back to life. If you adapt the vegetarian diet you will start to get lots of potassium and will need to supplement with a little sea salt time to time to keep strong. Also a some B12, carnisine and taurine supplements time to time.

    Take 25mg zinc a day for a month to help your immune.

    Another thing to help the immune is lysine (amino acid). Get it powdered or use a pill crusher and add 1000 mg to a cup of water with 1000 mg vitamin C (especially in the alkaline form sodium ascorbate) a day. Lysine and green tea (the tannic acid) are great for the body because they help the white blood cells be able to see the invading virus by removing its stealth component.

    Clean up your diet and take some supplements. Make sure you get a walk outdoors and some sun. Many are getting deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is almost like a hormone and so important to the immune. It is possible you could have an autoimmune disorder and I don’t mean HIV/AIDS. Sometimes the body attacks itself, a D deficiency can sometimes bring it on,

    Go to your doctor and ask for STD panel and HIV/AIDS test, as well as basic blood work to check for deficiencies, including electrolyte balance and thyroid, diabetes and vitamin D tests, etc.

    Whether you get sick from a toxic lifestyle or you have a virus or HIV you can take measures to help your body. Vaccinations often contain live virus along with a form of mercury that are just bad for the body. If you must get them, follow the above protocol to chelate the mercury out.
    Don’t be afraid it might not be that bad. I was sick and it turned out to be a deficiency of a vitamin. They don’t always show when you’re borderline.

    There are silent STDs meaning you don’t show symptoms but can still spread. Usually the worst the typical ones do is make some women infertile. Of course some strains of HPV (genital warts) can cause cancer. But a pap smear from OB/GYN can test to see if there’s anything abnormal.

    Its time to be a big girl, since you’r mature enough to have sex, call your family dr (s/he can also do the OB/GYN pap smear) and get some peace of mind or remedies. Clean up your diet and supplement as I said above.

    TO further alkalize you can also get some apple cider vinegar (ACV) and take two teaspoons in a cup of water one to two times a day (morning and night, but at night may help you sleep but some get energy), so a few hours before sleep). Some add a pinch of baking soda to the ACV and when it stops fizzing they add water and drink. This prevents the body from depleting of its bicarbonates when it alkalizes the ACV. ACV is just a wonder supplement!

    Also to help heal get some food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and out a capful of that in a liter (four cups) of water (use a glass wine carafe) and drink several evenings a week half a cup every 1/2 to one hour. This will give oxygen to your body and clean out your lymph system which is so important to health.

    Our liver also helps clean out toxins. When we eat too any vegetable oils, especially cooked (use a little coconut oil instead when cooking) it gets clogged. Take a tablespoon of lecithin granules 1/2 hour before dinner to help.

    Do these things several days out of the week and let the body rest on the weekends. This can be done for many months (except zinc just for a month than as needed).
    In the evening.

    Most of these remedies can be bought at health food store or health food department of grocery store or some times Ebay but be sure to buy from credible buyer.

  3. vaccinations are specific for the virus in question, they don’t help for other viruses. and basically they work the same way as being exposed to the “wild” virus, except the vaccines either only have parts of the virus, or severely weakened viruses that can’t cause a wide ranging infection. often it takes about a weak for an immune system to clear out a virus, assuming it’s not adapted for avoiding the immune system.

    but long story short, so long as you are eating a balanced diet your immune system is fine, taking vitamins will not be useful if that is the case. a weak immune system can’t fight anything off, a strong immune system kills off your own sells, what you need is balance, which you most likely gave already. just wash your hand regularly and avoid people who don’t cover their mouths while coughing and/or sneezing.

    i would avoid lucy’s advice. that kind of drivvle typically comes from people who have an ax to grind, this is especially clear at how backwards the advise is with a simple understanding of biology;
    -the immune systems effectiveness is based on meeting nutritional needs and exposure to invasive organisms/viruses. physical life style choices don’t have as much of an effect as is claimed by lucy.
    -Acids denature proteins which is a key component of viruses and cells, there are bacteria and organisms that flourish in all ranges of acidity, from strong acids to strong bases, reducing acidity is just fad diet scheme
    -the human body has its own ways of dealing with fungus, you don’t need to take pills just cook your food and practice proper hygiene.
    -any consumed amino acids will be denatured with the rest of your food
    – a balanced diet makes supplements medically useless, you’d be wasting money.
    – auto immune disorders aren’t cured by vitamin D.
    -if vaccines didn’t contain viruses they wouldn’t work, we’re working on less invasive vaccines but take what you can get.
    -Vaccines don’t contain mercury that reacts to biology, it will go through you like a bad taco, thus chelation is a waste of time and the amounts are extremely small, you’d get more by eating fish.
    -if you want oxygen, use your lungs, if you want to make yourself sick ingest hydrogen peroxide
    -yes most of these things can be bought, because theres good money in it, but when drug companies turn a profit, grab your pitchforks(sarcasm)

  4. quote from the Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy.

    “Past epidemics such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, malaria, etc., homeopathy decreased mortality by 10 to 30 times compared to traditional medicine and modern pharmaceuticals. During Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19, many sources state that 25 to 50 million people died globally. 550,000 died in the U.S., approximately 10% of the people that caught the Spanish flu. Homeopathic physicians recorded over 62,000 people treated with homeopathy resulting in a mortality rate of 0.7%. The number of people who got so sick that they needed to be hospitalized, Traditional medical had a mortality of 30% but with 27,000 documented hospitalized cases, homeopathy was reporting a mortality of 1.05% (Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy 1921; 13:1028-43).” You can read more here: http://hubpages.com/hub/Sprayology-Reviews-All-Natural-Homeopathic-Vitamin-Sprays

    Vitamins not only help you get over sickness and disease, they prevent it. Now, as far as vaccines. When they first came out with vaccines, they had a “dead” virus in them. This is so that the body could identify it and build the proper response to that virus, but today, they are giving live viruses that are Attenuated, which really screws up the immune system and has killed and maimed many.


    watch the videos in that search results and learn some interesting facts about vitamins and food.

  5. It doesn’t have to mean you are ill with some dire disease. Often even things like depression can lower your immune system. I went years and years on medications and going through all kinds of crap to seek relief. I got pretty frustrated and never had a lot of faith in being effectively treated. I told this to a friend who sent me to a lady named Karen at http://angelichealingclinic.com and after a couple of her Reiki clinics I was incredibly relieved when I began to notice that even when I was around a bunch of sniffling little kids that I never came down with anything. Before, I would catch illnesses from people just mentioning them! Seriously, its not a replacement for a doctor to diagnose you with something that requires medical care, but it IS an option if your immune system is reduced from things like depression or other long term illnesses.

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