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What formula is best?..?

I currently exclusively breast feed. But my production is low for how much he eats. He is two months old. I have to start supplementing. I know formula with choline and DHA and ARA ingredients are best as they are found in breast milk. Just wanting to know what others use as supplements or who just use formula. I actually am really upset I have to use a supplement I wanted to only breast feed but doctor said I need to if he is eating that much and my production isn’t keeping up. Going to a lactation consultant tomorrow as well this only started over the weekend for me. I been using an immune support formula for the weekend that has the essentials I named above as well as iron. I only have to use formula it seems as a supplement in late afternoons and evenings as the breast milk has run out and not producing fast enough for him by those times. I have a pump and tried that as well to get production going its still the same. not better or worse. Just curious what others do for formula or any similiar situations.

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Best ways, foods, supplements to build my immune system?

Hi ! I try to eat well with a balanced diet and I take supplements like vitamins, minerals, probiotics,  about 12 different supplements a day. For instance, I take Vitamin C, 500 mg x 3 a day, B-complex, kelp, Magnesium, Zinc, etc….

My friend has suggested that I add beta Glucan to help build/keep immunity?

I looked at this in a health store and it’s kinda expensive.

Is this a good choice? Is there something better? I thought vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was the best?



What is the best all natural immune system booster from a health food store?

I was just really sick and had to be on antibiotics, so once I’m off them and better I’d like to go to the health food store and get things to kind of fix myself up, since taking any kind of “meds” makes me uncomfortable. Are Probiotics or any kind of protein drinks, etc any good? Thanks!