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How does the nutrient content of Breast milk compare to that of Infant Formula?

Please help me with this question if you can. Please explain, thanks. Honestly to me they all sound true but I’m guessing it must be A. however i dont really know the differences and online isn’t helping much. hopefully someone here can be of help? these all sound true right? =/

How does the nutrient content of breast milk compare to that of infant formula?

a. Breast milk provides nutrients that support immune function that formula does not provide.
b. Breast milk is a better source of iron than is formula.
c. Breast milk is higher in folic acid.
d. Breast milk is a better source of vitamin D than is formula.


Question about my daughter and milk based formula?

My daughter is now 8 months old, and up until Dec. 27th she was fed Parents Choice Immune Support formula (milk based, prebiotics added) She did great with this until Christmas Eve, when she started getting HORRIBLE diahrreah. We decided to take her off the formula for a day and just give her baby food,oatmeal and pedialyte, which ended the diahrreah. So she was switched to a soy formula which helped but also made her spit up every time she ate. So, we were told to put her on a lactose free milk based formula. She doesnt get diahrreah, but she gets horrible gas pains and severe constipation. I dont think shes allergic to milk protein because she doesnt get rashes or have any trouble breathing or anything, but I really think she cannot digest milk properly. Has anyone elses baby been through this and what did you have to do? Her doctor told us to decide for ourselves which formula is better for her, so im just seeking advice. Thanks!
Also… is it true that soy formula messes up baby’s reproductive system or anything like that?