How exactly do cold showers strengthen the immune system?

I’ve only been told that they do, but never how! How does a cold shower strengthen mucous membranes exactly? Or strengthen your immune system?

Does it really keep you from getting colds or the flu, or if you do still get a cold is it just not as bad as if you took just hot showers?

When I say cold shower I mean just a cold blast of water (like a minute or more) at the end of a warm shower… I think taking all cold showers all the time would just be torture…


3 thoughts on “How exactly do cold showers strengthen the immune system?”

  1. It doesn’t. If anything, it stresses your body to the point that it’d make you more susceptable to infection. It really is time to stop believing every fad diet/trend out there.

    EDIT: To Mabes, that is true, if we were living in a land of gnomes. Where in the world do you get your facts? The cold causes severe vasoconstriction of cutaneous arterioles, which if anything, would cause reduced blood flow in the body. Also, mucous doesn’t flow in blood, it gets secreted into lumen of organs such as the GI tract and pharynx. The mucous is what actually protects the lining of your respiratory and GI tracts from damage and infections. If you’re going to try and answer a question that has no basis to begin with, at least sound logical.

  2. when your skin is warm, your blood collects near the centre of you body to focus attention on your internal organs. when you are cold, blood rushes to the skin to warm it. so a cold blast at the end of a warm shower will make your blood rush through your veins quickly. doing this daily will help your body become used to responding quickly to sudden drops in temperature for one thing. also when your blood is moving quickly so is everything else. any mucous will start moving and soon be flushed from your body, making sure an infection doesn’t build up

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