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Natural Immune System Vitamin Beta Glucan

www.caryellis.com Get FREE Guide to Healing the Body Hi Cary Ellis here, I have a lot of people ask me where they can get vitamins to make their immune system healthier. Well you know the immune system becomes healthy because of how we live on a daily basis. Whether our body our cells are cleansing, our organs are cleansing and giving the nutrients that they need. But what are the exciting things about the immune system is there are some ways we can support the immune system. Something that makes the immune system incredibly powerful is an item called Beta Glucans and beta glucan of course can be bought in a pill form in your health food store but we never get everything when we purchase a pill. When somebody has taken a natural food and concentrated it and turn it into a pill form we just don’t get the same thing we get when we use that in its natural complex. So beta glucan are found naturally in oats and barley and as you know oats have been made popular because they can lower cholesterol in the system and the beta glucans are one of the ingredients that help the oat to do that. They lower the bad cholesterol. There was a woman who in the early 1900s was a homeopath and she was alive during the flu pandemic of 1918 and one of the things that she helped her patients get well with was barley broth. So for trying to support our immune system I have a wonderful barley soup in my Super Immunity Soup’s book and there are many spices which are also incredibly supportive of


Hipet Feline 3 in 1 Formula – All Natural Mushroom Multi-functional Beta Glucan Supplement for Cats

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Hipet Feline 3 in 1 Formula – All Natural Mushroom Multi-functional Beta Glucan Supplement for Cats


Beta 13d Glucan Revolutionizes Immune Strengthening

What do a truck driver and a school teacher have in common? A hint you say?

Alright, what do a truck driver who spends half his life on the road eating in diners, showering in truck stops, braving the foul weather. . .


. . . an elementary school teacher in a wintertime classroom full of sniffling, hacking, coughing kids have in common?

The answer, they depend on their immune system to keep them healthy. Their livelihood depends on it. Let’s talk about how to supercharge that immune system.

The body’s immune system sends out cells to locate and destroy foreign invaders such as bacteria and infections throughout the body. These cells tag those invaders and call for reinforcements: the natural killer cells and the big boys, the macrophages, to ‘gobble up’ the bad guys. Another day I’ll write a description of the immune system…complex at best!

Let’s jump to the application. You are a teacher or truck driver exposed to illnesses. You want to boost your immune system. Lots of possible steps there: diet, rest, water, vitamins, etc. Again, another day for that article. However, how about the magic pill…is there one?

Based on the results of human trials, I believe that beta glucan is one of the most effective ways to boost natural killer cell activity. It is a purified yeast extract that activates receptor sites on your macrophages – the type of white blood cell that signals your immune system’s defense mechanism – keeping it on alert.

In the first study, researchers gave participants 250 mg of beta glucan and found that it stimulated the immune system and increased blood levels of TNF-alpha, a marker that indicates your immune system is responding.

The second study found that 500 mg of beta glucan not only increased levels of TNF-alpha, but also increased levels of natural killer cells-which essentially means more troops for your defensive army.

After lengthy discussions with a doctor specializing in the immune system, and seeing the impact one specific brand of Beta 1,3-D Glucan made on people’s immune system, I believe the premier product available today is the Beta Glucan produced by Transfer Point, as licensed by A.J. Lanigan.


One final note. Since Beta Glucan stimulates the immune system signaling a call to action, be sure you provide the nutrients and energy your body requires in terms of Vitamins and Minerals. Look at liquid vitamin products like Liquid Essentials Daily Multiple Plus. It actually tastes great. Again, number one in my book.

JD has been in the Health and Nutrition field for years. He is a Life Coach, and routinely recommends supplements to his client base at http://HopeForCancer.com. He resides in the Phoenix area and is owner of Baumeister LLC.