Cold apartment, natural to grow immune to cold?

Cold apartment, is it natural to grow immune to the cold? My boyfriend’s apartment is very old, and drafty, and well cold, the heater barely works so no point in wasting money on it, its not unbearable, I have even grown to not care about cold, tank top and all. I had friends over and they had goosebumps, and I love the heat, is it possible for someone to condition themselves against the cold?


3 thoughts on “Cold apartment, natural to grow immune to cold?”

  1. you cant get ‘immune’ to cold as it is not a bacteria or virus. lol. therefore there is nothing to be immune to.

    but if you mean that you dont feel it anymore, then yes, because you are there so long you wont recognise the cold, you recognise that as normal

  2. No… you cannot be immune to temperature. Your body will try to adapt to a certain temperature to make it more comfortable for you. How long it takes depends on a few factors including body fat, genes and blood type.

  3. Yes you can become acclimatized to the cold, especially if it is persistently cold in the apartment. You don’t become immune (that’s in biology). Your whole body can become used to the consistent temperatures (high or low) such that you have no physiological reactions. Your friends that do have reactions are not use to the continual coolness of your boyfriend’s apartment, therefore they get physiological reactions like goosebumps.

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