What vitamins can I take to boost my immune system?

I feel like I always catch everything that is going around. What vitamins should I be taking to boost my immune system? I’m also allergic to gluten so could that have something to do with my weak immune system? I know it affects the absorption of vitamins and minerals but I really don’t know what to do anymore.

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3 thoughts on “What vitamins can I take to boost my immune system?”

  1. Vitamins don’t really DO much to boost Ones Immune System… Just try to stay on a GOOD diet, & get plenty of Sleep & Exercise- & that’s about the Best You can Do… [ And by the Way; DON’T go out of your “Way”-to avoid Illnesses from Others. As Counter-productive as That might sound; the CHALLENGES to Our Immune Systems- Also strengthens Them ! So the MORE You “avoid” sick people, -the More likely you ARE going to come down with Something !!! ].

  2. always take a multi vitamin every day! they’re good for you. eat well, eat the proper amount of fruits and veggies but even then your your body can still lack in vit. and minerals it needs, thats why vitamins exist because the average person doesn’t intake enough nutrition to sustain a healthy immune system. the fruits or vegetables do not sustain the proper amount of vit its suppose to have within it self. when you pick a fruit or vegetable it starts to loose its potency of vit. and minerals in days, so by the time it reaches the grocery store half of them are already gone. also, take a 20 min walk every day is a really awesome way to improve your health and mood!

  3. monolaurin, lauricidin. best thing ever. i used to get ill all the time. when i was getting two hrs of sleep and no vitamins i still didnt get sick in december cramming for law finals

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