2 thoughts on “Does yogurt help strengthen the immune system?”

  1. It’s the probiotics in yogurt that are the key, however yogurt contains very little compared to the probiotic supplements containing 50 billion cells. Look on the yogurt container: usually no indication how much is in there.
    Probiotics, 3000 mg of vitamin C and 2000 iu of D3 should be on everyone’s list for the winter months especially.
    Regular exercise and a good frame of mind are important too, and one usually leads to the other.

  2. The health benefits of yogurt are greatly exaggerated. Yes it is a source of calcium and protein and other nutrients, as well as live bacterial culture (LBC). The benefits of the LBC (probiotics) are somewhat dubious.

    As to strengthening or boosting the immune system? There is no such thing…it is part of the mythology of Alternative Medicine that there are special foods, treatments or activities that have this property, but it is a non-scientific concept. The immune system is incredibly complex and has evolved over millions of years. Of course, proper nutrition is required for proper function, like any organ or system in the body, but there are no magic foods.

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