Anyone have suggestions on how to boost my immune system using natural and/or herbal, dietary supplements?

I was negligent with my diet in younger years, ingesting large amounts of sugar daily, I also had repeated bouts of bronchitis and I didn’t have the funds to visit a doctor for treatment.
Consequently, I now have “fibromyalgia”, very low energy level, salt cravings, and am very easily stressed by things such as crowds, loud noises, bright lights, people who talk too much, etc. I know that my adrenal glands are “depleted”.


6 thoughts on “Anyone have suggestions on how to boost my immune system using natural and/or herbal, dietary supplements?”

  1. Orange juice helps boost your immune system. I drink green tea (warm) and I hardly ever get sick.

  2. First and foremost, make sure you are eating a proper diet, getting enough sleep, and doing at least some form of exercise (even if it’s walking around) at least a few times a week. That’s the basic way to stay healthy in general, but if you find that you are getting sick more often than you would like, there are some natural options to help boost your immune system.
    Some of the most popular natural products for boosting the immune system are Colostrum, Mushrooms (Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi), IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate), Beta Glucans, Elderberry, Echinacea (should be taken short-term only), and any antioxidants.

    Now, have you been diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia, or do you just have some of the symptoms? If you actually have it, there are some nutrients that specifically can help with some of the impacts of it. Specifically, Malic Acid, Magnesium, Ribose, Methionine (an Amino Acid), and even CoQ10 have shown some benefits towards some of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia (especially muscle health and neuromuscular sensitivities).
    Good luck!

  3. I think oldtimekid2’s answer is really good!

    I also suggest taking “Ola Loa” vitamins” It’s a vitamin powder you mix with water and drink (the taste is OK, not bad). Because it’s liquid, you absorb the nutrients into your body right away. You can get it at health food stores or online at I’d start slow with one pack a day, and gradually work your way up to three a day.

  4. Vitamins D (w/ 1/2 portion magnesium and likewise calcium) and E are supposed to be good. Also things like the acai berry (juice), pomegranate juice, garlic, green tea, grape seed, selenium, manganese ..

    Here is an interesting site:

    There are, besides nutritionists, other holistic practitioners, alternative health people, with various techniques, ancient or used in other cultures. (Fact: Japan has if not the, one of the longest life expectancies on earth. What do they do? Steer clear of red meats, eat lots of fish, raw fish, vegetables, produce.)

    Anyway, there’s my brainstorm, hope it helped.

  5. Echinacea is both safe and powerful, and it is thought to stimulate various immune system cells that are crucial in the fight against infection. Additionally the herb is also thought to boost the ability of the cells to produce interferon, a substance vital to the fighting of viruses.

    Throughout our lives, we are bound to encounter stress. We have to learn how to deal with it effectively or we will be doomed to taking medication just to get through everyday life.

    If you are suffering from stress, try a natural herbal remedy, before you embark on a series of SSRI medications or tranquilizers.

  6. Iodine

    Note this quote:
    Lisa D. was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She suffered the basic symptoms that defined the disease. A thorough evaluation of Lisa determined that she had an under active thyroid gland that was caused by a deficiency of organic iodine. Treatment was instituted by prescribing one organic iodine tablet three times per week. In ten days, all of Lisa’s Fibromyalgia symptoms disappeared and never returned. from

    Also I use to get bronchitis once or twice a year but since I started taking trace elements plus a product called Indiumease, I haven’t had bronchitis. In fact this past November I had a bad cold which previously whenever I got a cold it would develop into chronic asthmatic bronchitis but not this time.

    Avoid refined foods especially sugars and things like high fructose corn syrup. Eat lot’s of vegetables and little if any animal products. Try to eat organic if you can. Avoid all caffeine.

    Also salt is not as bad for you as it has been made out to be. Check out the water cure site at
    Sodium is the number one element necessary for health after water itself. Sodium controls the hydration of your cells and if you are avoiding sodium to the extreme it could create big problems and could add to an iodine deficiency because of not using iodized salt. I add ⅛ teaspoon of sea salt to each pint of spring water I drink. [Avoid chlorine like the plague] Consider the article, Understanding Salt and Sodium found here With the many crucial roles sodium plays, it’s clear that if we had no sodium, we would cease to exist. Obtaining adequate, easily absorbable sodium from foods then is important for maintaining health, but obtaining too much of the wrong kinds of sodium is harmful. Commercial refined salt is not only stripped of all its minerals, besides sodium and chloride, but it also is heated at such high temperatures that the chemical structure of salt changes. In addition, it is chemically cleaned and bleached and treated with anticaking agents which prevent salt from mixing with water in the salt container. Unfortunately the anticaking agents perform the same function in the human body, so refined salt does not dissolve and combine with the water and fluids present in our system. Instead it builds up in the body and leaves deposits in organs and tissue, causing severe health problems.

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