What’s the best natural remedy for boosting your immune system?

My 5-year old daughter is ill with sinus/allergies and, for the next week, will be taking up to 6 different medications to help her. (Three of the meds are “regular” daily meds for her.)

My son is also coming down with sinus/allergies and mine are acting up, too. I’m trying to keep us drowning in chicken noodle soup (canned and homemade), vitamins, fluids, jello…etc. But what else can we do?

Sinus and allergies are a long-standing problem in our family–mostly for my daughter–and we can’t just move (although I’d like to). And, it just disturbs me that she’s on so much medication right now. Aren’t there natural ways for dealing with sinus/allergies and boosting immune systems?


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  1. echinacea is good to boost immune response. vitamin c is good. drink emergen-c. kids usually like it also. I also use aromatherapy oils in the air and bath that line the respiratory tract and help reduce allergy reactions and clods/flu/respiratory issues as well as those that are anti-viral or anti-bacterial ( rosemary, lemon, thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint.) also try a neti pot to rinse sinuses and nasal cavities. you can read about them online. use a warm moist compress with just 3-4 drops of essential oils on it. HOld over nose mouth and face. breathe.

  2. Reduce or eliminate dairy products. Drink plenty of water, not ice cold however. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. Take a potent, natural multi vitamin, mineral supplement that is rich in antioxidants. Medications are normally of limited effect, and are toxic to the body.

  3. when I was dealing with lyme’s disease my doctor told me to take zinc because my immune system needed some extra boost – kept me from getting sick with all other kinds of stuff, might work for you too

  4. For boosting my immune system I used Olive Leaf Extract (try vitacost.com – they have the highest level ingredients for a good price) but I can’t tell you if it’s ok to give children, but I don’t see why not as it comes from the Olive tree, but you might want to check with an alternative therapist first.

    I had AWFUL recurrent sinus infections and this stuff cleared me up in a few weeks for good. Do some research on it, it’s an excellent herb.

    The question you may want to ask yourself is WHY your kids (and you?) are getting the same allergies – look to your house and your lifestyle… you could have a mould allergy and if it’s in your house, that is the answer. There has to be a reason for recurrent problems in your family.

    Also, (in the meantime, while you think about maybe the environmental factors in and around your house) get an oil burner and burn Eucalyptus oil, and/or put a few drops of oil in very hot water and do the steam inhalation.

    A suggestion of what NOT to take for sinus infections is antibiotics from the doctor. Many people develop an immunity to them or get long-term side effects (like I did and now have intestinal yeast infection that has burrowed into my insides and is almost impossible to treat) which mess your health up even more.

    Olive leaf and goldenseal or echinacea liquid (a drop or 2 in your kids juice? it’s sweet, they won’t notice) are natures antibiotics, and get them to eat as much food with fresh garlic in it as possible, powerful immune booster.

    Good luck 🙂

  5. Vitamin C and Zinc are the best immune boosters. Try to get your viatmins in fruit and veg. For Vit C – eat Oranges and for Zinc – Broccoli. My son suffers with sinus real bad. Steam relieves it as does salt water sprays (Sterimar- seawater nasal spray). There are many things on the market you can buy or a specilaist can prescibe, my son is off his medication now, and I am concentrating on his diet. Cutting out dairy products can hlep cut down the amount of mucus that is produced.

    Please feel free to email me if you need more advice, this is an area I know a lot about, being a mother and a nutritional advisor!!! – totaltranquillity@btinternet.com

    God bless

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  7. Well, the first thing to do is to keep their rooms clean and tidy, to minimize any sniffles or whatnot due to allergies (you may want to look into anti-histamines like zyrtec, which greatly minimize allergic reactions).

    DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY CANNED SOUP. That stuff is so processed it’s bad (just look at the ingredient list – anything sound remotely natural?).

    Significantly increase their fruit intake, especially citrus fruits. These will boost their immune systems a lot, having a lot of antioxidants and VitC. Give them plenty of fluids – water and squeezed fruit juice – keep it all natural.

    Avoid fried and fast food like the plague; these have no nutritional value.

    You can mix up a nice healthy drink using a mug of water, 2 tbsp Organic Vinegar, and 2 Tbsp honey. That can help with the sniffles and soothe sore throats.

    Don’t discontinue their medication, just keep them on it and do your best to keep their environment clean and their diets healthy. They should improve in a few days.

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