5 thoughts on “What is a good age to take a baby out into the public when they are being formula fed?”

  1. the only way to build a babys immunine system is by taking them out and getting them used to everything.i took my son out at 5 days old..and hes formula fed..good luck..

    i dont know who gave a thumbs down..but yes you build the babys immune system by taking them out and getting them used to things ..not by people touching and stuff..i worked for a hospital before i went on maternity leave..

  2. Most new moms don’t feel comfortable taking their newborns anywhere for the first week or two.

    I went to Wal-Mart, the mall and church when my baby’s were less than a week old. I made sure no strangers touched them and I made friends and family wash their hands thoroughly before handling them. Other than that, the fresh air and sunlight is good for them. The more you “expose” them too, the more it builds up their immune systems. They are all perfectly happy healthy kids now. Didn’t seem to hurt them a bit.

  3. Babies can go in the public anytime. My cousin is now 11 months and he has been outside a lot and now that he is older he loves it. But make sure in the summer that you put on sunblock. And since the baby is formula fed then he/she can go outside anytime not much though.

  4. Our doctor recommended waiting two weeks (and our son was breastfed) She also recommended that once we did start taking him out in public, we should cover him with a blanket to keep good-intentioned strangers from reaching in and touching him 🙂

    We followed her advice and he was always a very healthy baby (and now he is a very healthy toddler!)

  5. Hi..
    Just as soon as Mom feels strong enough to take that precious baby out..Just don’t let strangers touch the baby..And at home make sure everyone washes their
    hands, before handling him/her..Otherwise your precious baby will be find..
    PS..Their immune systems are in place immediately,taking them out in the fresh air,,helps build their immune system..
    Good Luck and best wishes for your precious little one!

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