can formula cause cancer in children?

I just saw on another site where someone posted that formula causes cancer. Now I know that breast fed babies, in studies, have shown less incidence of childhood cancer due to the breast milk boosting immune system and what not. But is there any evidence that formula itself actually causes childhood cancer? The site i saw it on was run ragged with women who didnt even seem to think it was ok to pump and bottle feed breast milk, ONLY feed right from the breast. So I dont know if they are just over zealous or making stuff up or what.


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  1. That sounds ridiculous, they must be radicals.

    There is always a bit of truth to things, but people push it to extremes to fit there agenda.

  2. That sounds ridiculous! Myself and my siblings were all formula fed and are perfectly healthy. If it was linked to cancer do you really think the FDA would let it be sold!? Haha some of those EBF women……… make me laugh! lol. =)

  3. I don’t really believe that formula could case cancer. However it might be possible that bottles made with BPA could increase the chances of cancer but not the formula itself.

  4. No, formula does not cause cancer. My mum was formula fed, I was formula fed, my sisters were formula fed, my daughter ended up being formula fed due to no milk being produced by me. None of us have cancer and my mum is 41, I’m 23, my sisters are 20 and 18 and my daughter is 2.

  5. i don’t know if this is true or not (i would think that if breastfeeding reduces cancer the only logical explanation is that formula would increase your risks) but to kaiden’s mommy…umm LOTS of products have been linked to cancers that are still being sold…cigarettes, alcohol, diet soda, deoderant.

  6. Formula does not cause cancer.

    Breast feeding is associated with a lower incidence of cancer than formula feeding.

    Knowing the studies and knowing the medical science, I see no evidence that formula causes cancer. There is some correlation between breast feeding and reduction in cancer rates.

    But correlation is not causation. Mothers who choose breast feeding probably also do a number of other things that people believe to be better for the baby. We don’t know that all of those things (including breast feeding) are actually bettter; all we know is that some of them are helpful, and mothers who do one of them are more likely to do the others.

    If we did a study, we would find that people who file their taxes on time are less likely to die in car crashes than people who file late. This would probably be because people who are careful with taxes are statistically more likely to drive carefully. Does that mean that filing late causes car crashes? No.

    And forumula does not cause cancer. We can’t even say that breast milk is protective. All we can say is that children of mothers who breast feed (and probably do many other things they think are better for the child) are less likely to have cancer than mothers who use formula.

  7. Formula is not carcinogenic that we know of. It’s the lack of breastfeeding that is associated with higher rates of childhood cancer. There are many, many studies that support this.

    Additionally, soy formula has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Overconsumption of dairy products is considered a cancer risk. There is BPA in some formula cans. Formula feeding is not risk-free.

    Anecdotes like “I was formula fed and I don’t have cancer!” aren’t scientific data.

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