4 thoughts on “Which nutrients are good to boost your immune system?”

  1. Vitamin C so plenty of oranges, tomatoes, etc.

    Actually most fruits and vegies contain a reasonable amount of vitamin C.

  2. I can suggest a few herbs and extracts:

    Panax Ginseng
    Green Tea

    I use them regularly. I take kelp and green tea everyday and the others I take when I begin to feel illness coming on. You can take Chlorella or Spirilina instead of kelp because they are from similar plant families but I prefer kelp because not only is it good for you nutritionally, but it contains iodine – good for the thyroid; it clears out dangerous heavy metals from your body and also accelerates Calcium uptake in the gut. And it’s also very cheap.

    But if your gut is suffering from too much processed or acid food, try alkalizing. If your body is stressed by being to acid(acidosis) it won’t matter what nutrients you take – they won’t work.

    Check out the alkalizing remedies and testimonials on this site:


    Best to Google each of the above herbs and see what you think. I’ve been on this regimen for over a year now, and I haven’t been ill once.

    But see what you think.

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