What are your thoughts on store brand?

Formulas? My daughter has been getting Similac Advance with the Immune Support in supplementation since she was 4 months old. She is now 8 months old and we have just completed weaning. She will be getting formula full time now and at $26 a can for the Similac, and in light of the recent economy, my husband and I were wanting to try a store brand. Are they the same? Has anyone tried the Target brand? Do you like it?

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7 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on store brand?”

  1. most store brands have all the same ingredients in them as the name brand formulas. so i’m sure it would be fine to use a store brand. you could always check with your daughters doctor to make sure though.

  2. My opinion is that name brand costs so much because of fancy packaging, advertising, and all the ‘freebies’ they give away. Generic has to meet the same federal guidelines and if it is well tolerated by your child then by all means use generic.

    I don’t have any experience with Target brand but I’ve used both Costco’s Kirkland and Walmart’s Parent’s Choice with no problems.

    Name brand and generic are not exactly the same because they are manufactured different (so you may notice more bubbles with one type during mixing or other slight differences), but nutritionally they are the same.

  3. i have tried the target brand and it worked fine it didnt make him spit up or constipated or anything it should be fine

  4. Store brands are fine and half the price usually of the leading brand. My friend gives it to her son and she says the dr. was ok with it. Ask your dr. or just give them a call for some advice on it. they will let you know if its ok and usually it is. good luck

  5. I won’t use a store brand for the main source of my son’s nutrition. Everyone (other than my doctor and other doctors) say “the ingredients are the same”, but there is a bigger difference than just the packaging. The formula itself is not the same. I look to save money in other ways. Spending less than $50 a week to completely nourish my son is fine with me.

  6. I haven’t tried target Brand, but haven’t heard anything bad about it.
    Right now I have Enfamil ( cant stand it and I am going back to the reg)
    We have been using, Costco Brand Infant Formula….Its compared to Similac & Enfamil, but its thicker then Enfamil. And you get 2 cans for 17.99 the cans are 27.5 oz each. You really can’t beat that.

  7. As in many generic drugs the ingredients are the same, people never believe this though. It can’t hurt to try it out. If you are really looking to save money purchase the powdered formula and make your own in the evening and refrigerate.

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