Weil Nutritional Immune Support Formula, Vegi-Caps.

  • One bottle containing 120 vegetarian capsules of immune support supplement
  • Includes a potent blend of immune supportive polypore mushrooms including maitake and reishi
  • May support a healthy immune system
  • Made by manufacturer who meets Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Includes no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavorings

Product Description
The Weil Immune Support Formula is an exclusive combination featuring Astragalus, a tonifying herbal remedy prized in traditional Chinese medicine. This evidence-based vegetable capsule formula also contains a potent blend of immune supportive polypore mushrooms, including Maitake and Reishi. Taken on a regular basis, the unique combination of ingredients found in the Weil Immune Support Formula may support a healthy immune system. Andrew Weil, M.D., donates all his… More >>

Weil Nutritional Immune Support Formula, Vegi-Caps, 120-Count Bottle


Cold apartment, natural to grow immune to cold?

Cold apartment, is it natural to grow immune to the cold? My boyfriend’s apartment is very old, and drafty, and well cold, the heater barely works so no point in wasting money on it, its not unbearable, I have even grown to not care about cold, tank top and all. I had friends over and they had goosebumps, and I love the heat, is it possible for someone to condition themselves against the cold?


Supplements to boost my immune system: Help with allergies?

I am experiencing acute onsets of hay-fever-like symptoms. Very extreme and debilitating–sneezing violently for hours at a time.

Since I have no health insurance, I am treating them with Benadryl and regular bouts of outdoor exercise.

If I take supplements to help with my immune system, will this help with allergies?

I have experimented with this, and determined that whatever sets off the sneezing fits is coming from outdoors, not indoors.